The ideal solution for CISOs to manage their information security

Seamlessly Manage Your

Gain Full Visibility

Document your cybersecurity landscape and gain full visibility into your information security

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Document and organize all your information and secondary assets with our intuitive visual tool. Utilize the drag-and-drop feature to effortlessly identify and manage dependencies. Keep a clear overview of your resources and their relationships.


Proactively identify and assess risks with our powerful platform. Plan and manage risk treatment measures efficiently to ensure your organization's security. Minimize potential threats through comprehensive risk management.


Manage controls from various security frameworks and align them with your measures. Our platform helps you comply with security standards and monitor the effectiveness of your controls. Enhance your security posture through targeted control management.

Control Instead of Trust

Trust is good, but control is better – with Bactrya, you have full control over your information security.

Ensure Security Standards

With Bactrya, information asset owners can verify that their infrastructure (processes, personnel, hardware, software) meets the required security standards before storing sensitive information.

Protection Levels for Your Data

Each asset provides a specific protection level for the infromation assets it holds. Information assets can demand specific security measures from supporting resources.

Robust Security Management

Bactrya ensures robust, adaptable security management for your information tailored to your organization's needs, giving you full control over your information security.

Security Roles and Responsibilities

Ensuring clear accountability and robust information security

Information Asset Owner

The Information Asset Owner is responsible for defining the security requirements and policies for the information assets they own. The key responsibilities include:
  • Establishing the required security levels for information protection.
  • Creating and maintaining security policies that align with business and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring that the security measures are adequate to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information.

Asset Owner

The Asset Owner is tasked with implementing and maintaining the security measures defined by the Information Asset Owner. This role ensures that the security policies are effectively executed. Key responsibilities include:
  • Implementing the necessary security controls and measures.
  • Operating and maintaining the infrastructure to support security objectives.
  • Ensuring the continued availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information through proactive management and monitoring.


The Auditor provides independent verification and validation of the security measures. This role ensures that the implemented security controls are effective and that the security policies are adhered to. Key responsibilities include:
  • Conducting regular audits to assess compliance with security policies.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of security controls and measures.
  • Reporting on the security posture and recommending improvements as needed.

Why Bactrya?

Our platform boosts efficiency, reduces risks, and ensures compliance for large corporations, providing a scalable, future-proof security solution.

Manage a vast number of assets

Easily manage an extensive inventory of assets with our advanced platform, tailored to efficiently tackle the complexity and challenges of handling large quantities of corporate assets.

Minimize risk management overhead

Innovative methods specifically designed to reduce risk management effort significantly and maximize the efficiency of your risk assessment processes are integrated into our platform.

Automate the integration and evaluation of new assets

Streamline your asset management with our platform's ability to automate the integration and evaluation of new assets, ensuring efficient and accurate addition to your inventory, and freeing up valuable time for strategic decision-making.

Meet multiple framework requirements effortlessly

Our platform simplifies compliance with multiple framework requirements (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, NIST) by seamlessly integrating them into a single, easily manageable process – as if you were complying with just one framework.

Maintain robust security in projects

Our platform adeptly handles the fast pace of modern businesses, ensuring continuous information security in all projects, regardless of their duration, while maintaining flexibility and compliance in dynamic environments.

Monitor compliance with your systems

Experience simplified compliance monitoring with our platform, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Monitor your organization's adherence to industry standards and regulations effortlessly.

Our Founders

Meet the Pioneers Behind Our Innovation.
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Muhibullah Nasari
Founder & CEO
Information Security Expert
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Sabihullah Nasari
Co-Founder & COO
Data Analytics Expert
founder 1
Sulmai Nasari
Co-Founder & CTO
Senior Security Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Bactrya.
What is Bactrya?
Bactrya is an innovative cybersecurity platform designed for comprehensive asset, risk, and control management using intuitive tools.
When will Bactrya be available?
We are currently in the alpha testing phase. Stay tuned for updates on our public release.
How can I participate in the alpha testing?
You can sign up for our alpha testing program on our website. Selected participants will receive an invitation.
What features does Bactrya offer?
Bactrya provides tools for documenting assets, identifying and assessing risks, and managing controls from various frameworks.
Is there a cost to participate in the alpha testing?
No, participation in the alpha testing phase is free of charge.
How can I provide feedback during the alpha testing?
Feedback can be provided through designated forms within the platform or via email to our support team.
Will my data be secure during the alpha testing?
Yes, data security is a top priority for us. We ensure that all data is handled with the highest level of security.
Can I share my experience with others?
Participants are required to sign an NDA and keep all information about Bactrya confidential during the alpha testing phase.
How can I contact Bactrya for more information?
You can reach us via our contact form.
What kind of companies is Bactrya suitable for?
Bactrya is designed for organizations of all sizes that need robust cybersecurity solutions to manage assets, risks, and controls effectively.

Any Questions?

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